What do you think about cryptocurrency? Bitcoin was the pioneer of cryptocurrency. A new digital currency was initiated to the financial world and internet by Bitcoin in 2009. According the observation, this currency has risen 75 times from its starting price. It was started from only 0.10 USD for each coin. Now, there is a big opportunity for OneCoin to be the next victor in digital currency. OneCoin uses the newest technology to give long term value for the investor. It also tries better concept than the predecessor, Bitcoin. Do you want to know OneCoin compensation? OneCoin becomes very popular today. It is predicted can beat Bitcoin. Do you want to join OneCoin? If so, you need to consider which way and the amount of money that you can earn. Most people who start cooperation with OneCoin or other company will consider these things. They also think whether the company is beneficial or not.

If you want to know the possible earnings by joining OneCoin, you need to learn OneCoin compensation plan carefully. You should also learn how much and when you will receive the compensation from the company. OneCoin management understands and appreciates each one’s efforts. It will provide all types of incentives for OneCoin members to build their business with their team effectively. Each 3-6 months, there are special promotions that allow you to get the chance to join the leadership team. The rewards will be changing each cycle. You can find a large range of rewards from gold, watches to a car.

Since OneCoin launched several months ago, there are more than 300 members have hit the highest point of the OneCoin compensation plan. The compensation plan of OneCoin is a binary. It means that you need to build sales teams and fight against each other. Modern binary is recognized as the highest paying and fastest growing compensation plan in the industry.

These are a few types of compensation in OneCoin Company:

  1.   Direct Sales

For the personal sales, you will receive 10% based on the BV (Business Volume) that is related to various packages. You can earn 10 percent commission for any package that you sell.

  1.      Network Bonus

You can earn 10% of sales from the leg (your weaker side) based on business volume.

  1.   Matching Bonus

It is nice OneCoin compensation. The Matching Bonus is aimed to assist you to grow your team. You can get matching bonus up to 25 percent and 4 Generations (based on the status and package you have). In order to meet the criteria for matching bonus, you should have minimum package status and two direct sales (one on your right and one on your left).

  1.   4. Start-up Bonus

In order to retain the excitement and positive momentum of the OneCoin members during the first thirty-days, each member will get additional 10 % of all direct sales within this period.

  1.   OneLife Club

Each member will become a part of the OneLife Club automatically from the day he or she joins the company. You can check onecoin review by Josh Paiva

Several Types Of Onecoin Compensation And How To Get Them