If you have auto insurance, you satisfy Texas law, and you protect yourself. There are 5 key benefits within that sentence, so let us look at them in more detail.

  1. You Satisfy Texas Law

Automobile owners must have appropriate, minimum insurance. By having auto insurance you meet the requirement of financial responsibility and you may register your vehicle. If you were to be pulled over for a minor traffic violation and did not have appropriate insurance, you would immediately find yourself in a more serious situation. It is always good to live within the law, and GAINSCO can advise you on insurance cover that delivers that benefit.

  1. You Have Peace of Mind

Auto accidents can cost a lot of money, cause injury and pain, and can disrupt normal life. Affordable car insurance will not take away the pain, but it will help you deal with the money and disruption problems. Knowing that, should you ever be in an accident, your insurance policy will minimize those disruption problems will help a lot. Many auto owners have more than one family member, so knowing they are protected is a huge benefit.

  1. You have Less Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

No one wants to pay unexpected bills. Vehicle damage, property damage, and personal injury can all be very expensive. If the car wreck is your fault, then you will face a lot of expense because Texas law needs to find someone liable. If the car wreck is the other driver’s fault, and if the other driver is uninsured or has inadequate cover, then your policy will come to your assistance.

  1. You Can Handle Weather Problems

Texas has its share of disastrous weather. Hail, tornados and flash floods cause a lot of vehicle damage. The National Flood Insurance Program estimates that 20% of all weather damage claims for vehicles come from low to moderate risk areas. If you are driving in the wrong place at the wrong time, it pays to have comprehensive cover.

  1. You Can Walk Away from Vandals, Trees and Fires

Life today can throw many problems at you. Vandals may decide to shoot holes in your windshield or spray paint your vehicle’s doors. An old tree may lose a branch while you are parked underneath, and a long drive in a vehicle that is overdue for a trip to the shop may result in an engine fire. The right insurance policy will cover all these and more, including getting you a ride home and your vehicle towed.

5 Key Benefits of Having Auto Insurance in Texas